Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
A Reader

Edited by John Storey
Third Edition

Key primary texts on cultural studies approaches to understanding, critiquing, or theorizing popular

Whether used on its own or in conjunction with Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction, this reader is a theoretical, analytical, and historical introduction to the study of popular culture within cultural studies. The readings cover the culture and civilization tradition, culturalism, structuralism and poststructuralism, Marxism, feminism, and postmodernism, as well as current debates in the study of popular culture.

New to this edition:

  • Four new readings by Stuart Hall, Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, Judith Butler, and Savoj Žižek
  • Fully revised general and section introductions that contextualize and link the readings with key issues in Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction
  • Fully updated bibliography

Ideal for courses in:

  • cultural studies
  • media studies
  • communication studies
  • sociology of culture
  • popular culture
  • visual studies
  • cultural criticism
Page count: 680 pp.


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John Storey is a professor of cultural studies and director of the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland, England. He is also a visiting professor at the universities of Henan and Wuhan in China. Storey has published widely in cultural studies; his six books include Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture (Georgia). His work has been translated into Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian.