The Cry of Oliver Hardy

Poems by Michael Heffernan


"The collection shows a keen handling of poetic forms. Heffernan demonstrates not only humor and wit but declares a willingness to fall flat on his face in the pursuit of serious play. This is a difficult assignment, and Heffernan performs well. He is like a good basketball guard bringing the ball up court against an equally good press; when he can't go to his right, he goes to his left; when he's stopped there, and can't pass, he dribbles and prays. To change the figure, he is often like a stand-up comedian who is not about to keep his feelings out of his patter. 'The Crazyman's Revival' and 'Nineteenth of April' are good examples of this."
—Gary Gildner

Michael Heffernan's is a unique, controlled, yet oblique and interesting poetic voice, full of intelligence and marvelous self-awareness. This book is a sustained and professional performance, practiced and yet full of delightful chances.

Page count: 72 pp.
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Michael Heffernan is a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Arkansas. He is the author of six other books of poetry, including To the Wreakers of Havoc (Georgia); Love's Answer, which won the Iowa Poetry Prize; The Night Breeze Off the Ocean; and The Odor of Sanctity.