The Creation of Modern Georgia

Numan V. Bartley
Second Edition


"The book's aim is to increase understanding of southern history as a whole by focusing on a single state. New chapters added since the 1983 first edition discuss urbanization and diversification."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Informed by the latest scholarship, particularly the last decade's studies of the South in the thirty years following the Civil War, his work is an ambitious attempt to 'understand Southern history through a study of one state.' . . . Bartley's is a stimulating interpretive synthesis, but one that does not lose itself or its readers in the arcane language of paradigms and models. He punctuates his analysis with briskly written narrative history and with brief biographical sketches that make for a lively narrative flow. . . . A worthy and challenging book"
Journal of American History

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An astute and stimulating account of the people and forces that shaped the development of Georgia and, by implication, other areas of the South, The Creation of Modern Georgia is a provocative reinterpretation of the transition from the Old South to the New. Rejecting previous analyses, Bartley describes the persistence and ultimate collapse of a plantation-oriented colonial society and the emergence of a modern Georgia. In the second edition, Bartley has enlarged and updated the book with two new chapters to place greater emphasis on the expanded urbanization, industrialization, and diversification of Georgia.

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Numan V. Bartley was E. Merton Coulter Professor of History at the University of Georgia. He published several books on the South.