The Confederate Congress

Wilfred Buck Yearns


“The unique character of the Congress as a body which spent its entire life under war conditions is clearly understood, and its problems of reflecting public opinion and at the same time working with the Executive are especially well described.”
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography


Published in 1960, this study of the Confederate Congress and its relation to the Jefferson Davis administration describes the legislation, debates, personalities, and politics of this turbulent time. Initially, the Confederate Congress and President Davis were in agreement on how to win the war and lawmaking proceeded in a routine manner. However, as the war progressed conflicts arose as Congress and the President were faced with the difficulties of providing a poor nation with the facilities to combat a richer one. Much of the later legislation was written only after bitter political controversy. An appendix gives brief biographical data on the Confederate congressmen, including their voting records on the Davis administration proposals.

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Wilfred Buck Yearns (1918–2006) was a professor emeritus of history at Wake Forest University. His books include The Confederate Governors (Georgia), North Carolina Civil War Documentary, and From Richmond to Texas.