A Circuit Rider’s Wife

A Novel by Corra Harris
Foreword by Grace Toney Edwards

A thinly veiled autobiographical account of one woman's austere life in the north Georgia mountains, A Circuit Rider's Wife draws on the years Corra Harris accompanied her husband in his work as a Methodist missionary. Set mostly in the fictional Redwine circuit, the novel tells of the challenges, hardships, and--aside from the occasional homemade or homegrown donations--mostly intangible rewards of itinerant country preaching.

Through the eyes of Elizabeth Thompson, the circuit rider's wife and narrator, Harris offers a witty but caring assessment of the sometimes fine differences between spiritual and merely religious folks, town and country society, backsliders and straight-and-narrow plodders, Methodists and Baptists, and heaven and hell.

Page count: 344 pp.
Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

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Corra Harris (1869-1935) was a native Georgian. A Circuit Rider's Wife has been included in several anthologies and was the basis for the 1951 film I'd Climb the Highest Mountain.