Chimpanzee Travels
On and Off the Road in Africa

Dale Peterson

"Exhilarating . . . [An] absorbing adventure-nature story."—Publishers Weekly


"Chimpanzee Travels is a lighthearted, deliciously amusing, but accurate story of Dale Peterson's travels into the forests and byways of Africa in search of chimpanzees and the strange white apes who study them. Buy it now—you won't regret it!"
—Jane Goodall

"Delightful . . . A book in which humor arm-wrestles with the pathos of paradise lost in modern Africa."
Philadelphia Inquirer

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A lifelong fascination with primates led Dale Peterson to Africa, which he crisscrossed in hope of sighting chimpanzees in the wild. As with any adventure worth retelling, however, Peterson's detours are as notable as his destinations. With the good-natured fatalism of the tested traveler, Peterson tells of trains and riverboats, opportunists and ecotourists, rain forests and shantytowns as he conveys the pitfalls of going forth on a budget as tiny as the continent is vast. Along the way, we also meet Jane Goodall and several other renowned primate researchers and caretakers. This is travel writing with a purpose, an account that inspires both admiration and concern for Africa's people, places, and natural diversity.
Page count: 279 pp.
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Dale Peterson is also the author of Chimpanzee Travels: On and Off the Road in Africa, Storyville, USA (both Georgia), and The Deluge and the Ark: A Journey into Primate Worlds. He is co-author, with Richard Wrangham, of Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence. He teaches at Tufts University.