Cherokee Editor
The Writings of Elias Boudinot

Edited by Theda Perdue

Writings that shed light on the divided convictions of a staunch Cherokee nationalist


"Elias Boudinot's pivotal role in Cherokee history and Theda Perdue's skills as his editor make it a major contribution to our knowledge and understanding of Boudinot and the politics of Cherokee acculturation and removal."
Georgia Historical Quarterly

"Perdue's extensive introduction and assessment of Boudinot's career are distinguished by thoughtful insight and scholarly balance."
Journal of Southern History

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This volume collects most of the writings published by the accomplished Cherokee leader Elias Boudinot (1804?-1839). Founding editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, Boudinot is the most ambiguous and puzzling figure in Cherokee history. Although he first struggled against the removal of his people from their native Southeast, Boudinot later reversed his position and signed the Treaty of New Echota, an action that cost him his life.

Together with Theda Perdue's biographical introduction and in-depth annotations, these letters, articles, pamphlets, and editorials document the stages of Boudinot's religious, philosophical, and political growth, from his early optimism that the Cherokees could completely assimilate into white society to his call for a separate nation of "civilized" Cherokees.

Page count: 256 pp.
Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

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Theda Perdue is the Atlanta Distinguished Professor of Southern Culture at the University of North Carolina. Her eight books include The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears and “Mixed Blood” Indians (Georgia).