A Century of Georgia Agriculture, 1850–1950

Willard Range


“Interestingly and refreshingly told . . . the book possesses a style and readability which are rare in a work of this nature.”
Journal of Southern History

“A well documented study of Georgia Agriculture . . . The author has skillfully sorted through the mass of available information and presented the more pertinent statistical data.”
Journal of Farm Economics

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Published in 1954, this survey of Georgia agriculture is chronologically divided into three sections. "The End of the Golden Age, 1850–1865," describes the last decade of antebellum agriculture before the overthrow of the plantation system. "The Long Depression, 1865–1900," tells of the search for new ways to restore prosperity to Georgia's struggling agricultural system. And "The Revolutionary New Century, 1900–1950," illustrates how agriculture underwent rapid development due to mechanization, diversification, and application of scientific methods. Range concludes each section with his interpretations, emphasizing the impossibility of separating politics and culture in an economy based predominantly on agriculture, as much of the south was during this century.
Page count: 348 pp.
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Willard Range was a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia.