Remembering Louisiana, 1850–1871

Céline Frémaux Garcia
Edited by Patrick Geary
Foreword by Bertram Wyatt-Brown


"This vivid memoir . . . is remarkable less for its account of battles than for its revealing portrait of a family under stress. . . . Her story is a rich account of a nineteenth-century immigrant family's struggle to survive on its own terms, in conflict not only with much of American culture but with itself."
New York Times Book Review

"Perhaps the most eloquent testimony to the transformation of Louisiana's French community . . . Céline [is] a significant work, one that is of interest to American social historians, feminists, southern and Louisiana historians."
Journal of American History

"A fascinating and intimate account of both the struggle of an older immigrant generation to hold on to tradition and of the psychological conflicts between mothers and daughter."
Kirkus Reviews

"Geary is a first-rate editor. His introduction provides a critical, unobtrusive appraisal of the memoir. He has corrected confusions, made identifications, and allowed Céline to tell her own story."
Journal of Southern History

"A worthy addition to the remarkable collection of memoirs on the Civil War by southern women such as Julia LeGrand and Sarah Morgan Dawson . . . A first-rate account."
Louisiana History

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In the middle years of her life, Céline Frémaux Garcia recollected in this memoir her Louisiana childhood and growth into maturity—a tumultuous personal period that was transformed by violence as it was dominated by fear. The result is a detailed and sensitive portrait of a child's world of awe and wonder, color, and strife, in which the Civil War and its aftermath form the backdrop for conflict and rivalry within her French middle-class immigrant family.
Page count: 328 pp.
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Patrick Geary is a professor of history at the University of Florida.