Canada and the United States
Ambivalent Allies

John Herd Thompson and Stephen J. Randall
Fourth Edition

A survey of Canadian-American relations—now in a new, completely updated edition


"Refreshingly sensitive to Canadian misperceptions of the United States as well as to the perennial American ignorance of Canada."
New York Times Book Review

"Informative and entertaining . . . Recount[s] with considerable verve the saga of Canadian-American relations over more than two centuries."
Times Literary Supplement

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The United States and Canada have the world’s largest trading relationship and the longest shared border. Spanning the period from the American Revolution to post-9/11 debates over shared security, Canada and the United States offers a current, thoughtful assessment of relations between the two countries. Distilling a mass of detail concerning cultural, economic, and political developments of mutual importance over more than two centuries, this survey enables readers to grasp quickly the essence of the shared experience of these two countries.

This edition of Canada and the United States has been extensively rewritten and updated throughout to reflect new scholarly arguments, emphases, and discoveries. In addition, there is new material on such topics as energy, the environment, cultural and economic integration, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, border security, missile defense, and the second administration of George W. Bush.

United States and the Americas

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John Herd Thompson is a professor of history at Duke University and teaches in Duke’s Canadian Studies Program. His previous books include British Columbia: Land of Promises. Stephen J. Randall, FRSC, is a professor of history and director of the Institute for United States Policy Research at the University of Calgary. His previous books include United States Foreign Oil Policy since World War I.