C. Vann Woodward
A Southern Historian and His Critics

Edited by John Herbert Roper


“Roper has crafted a thoughtful, comprehensive, and well-integrated anthology of historical criticism about Woodward’s life and contributions.”
—John David Smith, author of An Old Creed for the New South: Proslavery Ideology and Historiography, 1865-1918

“Roper’s volume is a wonderful testimonial to an historian who has always enjoyed engaging in the art of scholarly debate in a civil, humane, and distinguished manner.”
Mississippi Quarterly

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Perhaps the most prominent historian of his time, C. Vann Woodward (1908–1999) was always at the center of public controversy, wielding power inside the history profession while exercising influence on the reading public. In this collection of essays, historians examine the writings of the American South’s esteemed scholar. Examining Woodward’s work from various angles, the “critics” in this volume reveal his contributions as history, as ideas, and as part of an activist scholar’s quest to understand and influence the racial and social dynamics of his region and times.

Contributors: Edward L. Ayers, M. E. Bradford, Carl N. Degler, Gaines M. Foster, Paul M. Gaston, F. Sheldon Hackney, August Meier, James Tice Moore, Albert Murray, Michael O’Brien, Allan Peskin, David Morris Potter, Howard N. Rabinowitz, John Herbert Roper, Joel R. Williamson, Bertram Wyatt-Brown.

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John Herbert Roper is Richardson Professor of American History at Emory & Henry College. His books include Paul Green, Playwright of the Real South and C. Vann Woodward, Southerner (both Georgia).