Born to Rebel
An Autobiography

Benjamin E. Mays
With a revised foreword by Orville Vernon Burton

"An inspiring chronicle of a black man who refused to be subjugated to and by the System."—Coretta Scott King


"Mays's life exemplifies a tradition of excellence."
New York Review of Books

"Mays's account of the lot of Negroes during his youth—and during most of his adult life, too—is a factual recital and a terrible indictment."
The New Yorker

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Born the son of a sharecropper in 1894 near Ninety Six, South Carolina, Benjamin E. Mays went on to serve as president of Morehouse College for twenty-seven years and as the first president of the Atlanta School Board. His earliest memory, of a lynching party storming through his county, taunting but not killing his father, became for Mays an enduring image of black-white relations in the South. Born to Rebel is the moving chronicle of his life, a story that interlaces achievement with the rebuke he continually confronted.
Page count: 464 pp.
Trim size: 6 x 9

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Benjamin E. Mays, educated at Bates College and the University of Chicago, was a dean at Howard University, president of Morehouse College, and president of the Atlanta School Board. His books include The Negro's Church and Disturbed about Man.