Big Bend

Stories by Bill Roorbach

Amid state parks and cities, from trucking to rock-and-roll life, these stories reveal the twists and turns of human relationships


"Immensely appealing . . . Roorbach's tender, affecting stories will leave you feeling as if you've come to understand your own missteps and misjudgments slightly better, and to forgive yourself a little more."

"Roorbach is as raw and engaged a writer as you'll ever read . . . He rivals James Baldwin in his ability to miraculously open up rivers of male sentiment."
Los Angeles Weekly

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Through quirky plots, one-of-kind characters, and more than a few twists, the stories in Big Bend examine gentle-hearted men and their relationships. From made-in-heaven meetings to troublesome liaisons, Roorbach's characters experience romance in unexpected, sometimes disastrous ways.

In "Fog," a teenage boy learns hard lessons about canoes, the Gulf of Maine, sex, and love. A struggling young artist goes home for the holidays in search of succor for the stomach—and heart—with poor results in "Thanksgiving." Other stories recount the ultimately disastrous reunion of estranged friends, an unemployed architect's foolish courting with bad company, and a middle-aged rock star's struggle with the urge to settle down. In the tiitle story, "Big Bend," a grieving widower, troubled by his own waning years, is tempted by a seductively attentive birdwatcher no older than his daughter.

Poignant tales of hauntingly familiar situations, Bill Roorbach's stories are full of heart, romance, edgy humor, and the frequently concealed vulnerability of men.
Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction

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Bill Roorbach is the author of a number of books of fiction and nonfiction, including the novels Life among the Giants and The Smallest Color, the romantic memoir Summers with Juliet, the essay collection Into Woods, and Maine Prize nonfiction winner Temple Stream: A Rural Odyssey. The tenth anniversary edition of his craft book, Writing Life Stories, is used in writing programs around the world. His short fiction has been published in Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, Playboy, and dozens of other magazines, journals, and websites. He lives in western Maine.