Baudelaire Judged by Spanish Critics, 1857-1957

William F. Aggeler


"A valuable contribution to an important chapter in the history of comparative literature: the remarkable growth of Baudelaire’s reputation and influence throughout the world during the past hundred years."
—W. T. Brandy, Vanderbilt University

"The value of a book like this is considerable. . . . Here is what the critics wrote—not an impression or a summing up, but their very words. And they could not speak of Baudelaire without showing their own thoughts, feelings, prejudices, likes and dislikes. Baudelaire Judged by Spanish Critics therefore has a double importance—as a discussion of Baudelaire and as a revelation of the literary scene in Spain during one hundred momentous years."
French Review

Baudelaire was practically unknown in Spain until the last two decades of the nineteenth century when the first important criticism of his work was published by two famous critics, Juan Valera and Clarín. Valera attacked Les Fleurs du Mal on aesthetic grounds, basing his criticism entirely on the “satanic” poems. At the same time, Clarín published a series of articles favorable to Baudelaire. Save for Clarín, Spanish critics in the first two decades of the twentieth century based their opinions of Baudelaire solely on Les Fleurs du Mal. A notable exception was an article written around 1910 by Emilia Pardo Bazan based on the full scope of Baudelaire’s work. Since the 1920s Spanish critics have come to share the high esteem which Baudelaire continues to receive throughout the world.

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William F. Aggeler taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara, for thirty years. He edited an edition of Les Fleurs du mal and wrote a number of articles on Baudelaire.