Approximate Darling

Poems by Lee Upton

In her most ambitious collection of poems to date, Lee Upton extends and deepens her experiments with perception and language.

Drawn into the orbit of her poems are multiple figurations—a Dante-inspired guide and a Leonardo da Vinci cartoon, Hamlet's Gertrude, and Lewis Carroll's Alice—and Emily Dickinson, Beatrix Potter, Louise Bogan, and Sylvia Plath.

While investigating elements of women's biological, emotional, and spiritual experiences that prove particularly recalcitrant to language, she draws her attention to the "relentless experiment" of pregnancy and childbirth.

Upton examines fleeting moments when objects are seen at the periphery of vision and draws upon the language we use in contemplating the psychic aftereffects of contemporary violence, dispossession, and exclusion.

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Lee Upton is the author of two poetry collections, No Mercy, which was a winner in the 1988 National Poetry Series, and The Invention of Kindness. Her honors include a 1987 Pushcart Prize. Upton is also the author of two books of criticism, A Poetics of Plenitude: Jean Garrigue and Obsession and Release: Rereading the Poetry of Louise Bogan. Upton is an associate professor of English at Lafayette College.