Alone among the Living
A Memoir of the Floyd Hoard Murder

G. Richard Hoard


"This extraordinary book is eloquent testimony to the power of forgiveness. In its craft, its compassion, and its humanity, Alone among the Living is more than a wonderful book. It is simply magnificent—a book of lasting value."
—Philip Lee Williams, author of A Distant Flame

"An important book about one of the most tragic events in Georgia's history. This personal account not only documents the key events surrounding the murder of a respected lawman, but also captures the angst of a young man whose life was forever changed by those events."
Jackson Herald

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"When I was twenty I came face to face with the old man convicted of paying five thousand dollars for the murder of my father."

From the gripping first line of this true story, you will follow a young man's journey through grief and despair to acceptance and forgiveness. On August 7, 1967, prosecutor Floyd "Fuzzy" Hoard was killed by a car bomb in his own front yard in Jackson County, Georgia. Summoning memories of the events surrounding that day, Alone among the Living is G. Richard Hoard's remembrance of the father he lost on that day, and of his subsequent struggle to come to terms with the murder.

Page count: 272 pp.
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G. Richard Hoard is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Asbury Theological Seminary. An award-winning author, his books include: The Race Before Us, Through Fear of Death, and The Missing Boys. He and his wife, Candise, make their home near Athens, Georgia.